Year 12 1D English

Power in Society

Year 12 students - This is your wikispace.
Before you forget it, write down your wikispaces user name and password somewhere SAFE! (Easiest for you is to use the same ones as you use to log into the DET portal.)

The class will use this wikispace to store and comment on our investigations of the way people get, show, use and lose power in society.
You must create a new page and then load in some content that will allow us to share what you are learning about the powerful person who is the subject of your investigation.


Click on 'New page' in the menu bar on the right.
Use the Editor tool bar to create your headings. Try copying and pasting from a document
You can also upload images and make links to other websites.
Every page should have an image of the person who is being investigated.

Remember "Ozymandias"? What happens to all powerful people in the end?
Identify the powerful qualities of an historical or contemporary person you have investigated. Explain how those powerful qualities were visible in the person’s life. Maybe create a power relationships diagram for that character that explores who and what were the effects of their power. Write at least three paragraphs:
Consciously practise different kinds of sentences for this writing. Refer to pages 82 – 86 of G
ateways (the green text book)
· Write one paragraph that describes the power the person had - maybe how they got it, used it and lost it?
· Write the second paragraph about your assessment of the person’s power. Did they use it for good or bad? For the benefit of many or a few?
· Write a third paragraph about your personal opinions of the way the person gained, used or held power. Explain why you do or do not aspire to wield the same kind of power in your life.