You can download your own copy of Animal Farm from this page.

This link should open a copy of the book.
George Orwell wrote this story at a time of enormous political unrest and upheaval. The second world war was being fought in Europe, Africa and Asia. As you read this important book, imagine what effect it could have had on the way the first readers thought about political power, their leaders and how they should use power.

You can read a Wikipedia page on the book which explains the way the fable links to 20th century history here

PREDICTING as a reading strategy

Good readers predict as they read. It is a way to engage with the story and to give yourself a reason to read on - to see if your prediciton is right. Good readers use clues they get from the way ALL stories are similar to make predicitons about
  • characters' motives, behaviours and consequences
  • what will happen next
  • links to the real world
  • reasons why thw writer included particular details in a particular order.
Keep a log of your predictions as we read Animal Farm in class.

And here is a movie of the story - which follows the plot.
(oops - looks like the movie can't be viewed at school.) Log on at home to see the movie.
In my opinion, the movie lacks the power of Orwell's wit and satire, but you should make your own judgements as to which is more effective.