Barack Obama

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Born: August 4th, 1961 (in Honolulu, Hawaii)
The 44th and current US president (preceded George Bush) - first African American President
Nationality: American
Political Party: Democratic
Wife: Michelle Obama
Children: Maila Ann & Natasha


The guy who I have been resarching for the past few weeks is a very powerful figure in the world, he has many types of power. Normally to have power; you may normally need to know some one that is a currently powerful person (be born into a socialite family
which who normally are wealthy) which can make life either easier for you, but sometimes with the wrong person it can make your life harder. But Barack Obama is different, how did he become the first African American president of the USA without having little to no power since he was born? He was born with the power of knowledge, thats how. He was born in the small town of Honolulu, Hawaii, his parents weren’t the most powerful people on the block. Barack made his way to the top himself, he had no economic power, he had no social power but he did have the knowledge power, (which is shown in his inauguration speech, which he talked for 20 mins without palm cards to help him, only basic notes) that is quite some power. Sometimes the power's that he has, it may overlap each other an example of this is: how Obama has the political and social power to be involved in such meetings like the G8 meeting.

His work ethic has rewarded Obama with power, in fact many types of power:

He has political power, he is the president of one of the biggest/powerful countries in the world. Also America is apart of the Group of 8 (G8), which that America and 7 other countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom) which they get together and talk about important issues which could affect their countries in a negative way. The G8 meetings are very important as they try to reslove issues which are currently hapenning e.g. global warming and the current reccesion.

He must address such issues as health care, education, the economy and (developing??) a new type of energy which is related to another issue of global warming. In the USA, Americans either have little to no health cover which is very risky and it can be costly if they have a severe injury/health issue. He wants to increase the standards by increasing education to all people, especially for people who have left school and undecided of what to do. Also, he wants find a new source of energy (most likely to be a type re-newable energy) to decline the rate of which global warming is currently escalating at and he has been left with a huge mess to clean up (because of the economy). He must make the correct decisions for the country and for the people that live there.

He has social power, he communicates with other powerful people and he makes decisions which affect his people and his country like as mentioned above how the USA are apart of the G8. He must communicate with his fellow politicans how to improve their country, and at times he may interact with people from his country to see what is wrong and to see if there is a way to solve the problem.

He has economic power (he has a lot of money and he deals with the American economy). He made an important bill which was called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The economic stimulus package was valued at $787 billion which was aimed to help the economy to recover from the worldwide recession. The $787 billion stimulus package will used for health care, infrastructure, education, various tax breaks and incentives and direct assistance to individuals and the money will be given out, over a few years.

Barack Obama was valued by Money magazine in 2007 and they estimated the Obama family's net worth at $1.3 million. According to CNN money, his net worth is around $1.3 million dollars some statistics figured out that his house is worth $1.9 million dollars, he has $250 000 dollars cash and mutual funds of $390 000. He earnt a fair amont of that money before politics, when he was a lecturer at the University of Chicago.

He has knowledge as a power, he went beyond high school. Firstly he went to Occidental College in LA (in 1979), then 2 years later he transferred to Columbia University in New York (in 1981) which he studied political science with a specialization in international relations. In 1988, Barack Obama he went to Harvard Law School which he selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year and the president of the journal in his second year. From 1992, he became a lecturer at the University of Chicago, lecturing constitutional law there and then from 1996 to 2004, he was a senior lecturer at the university.

He has military power, he has the power to take troops of iraq but when will he take them? Apparently, they will be taken out of action by August 31, 2010 and the mission in Iraq will end. It was apart of his presidental campaign to take troops out Iraq, just like it was to close down the Guantanamo Bay which terror threats to USA are held there. By taking out troops from Iraq, he decided to place 17 000 of that troops into Afghanistan as he thought there wasn't enough troops in Afghanistan as over there, the situation is deteriorating.


It is hard job for anyone who has power, as with great power comes great responsibility. Barack Obama has used his power for good reasons as he tries to make, his country the USA a better country for the world (as if the a powerful country like the USA aren't in top shape, some of the world may follow suit) and for the people who live there. He makes choices which make the county better but sometimes it may come at a cost to the taxpayers.

I think that right now, Martin Luther King Jr would be the happiest dead man there is because 40 years ago when he had his "I had a dream" speech to try and get the white man to treat both races (blacks and whites) evenly and now that Barack Obama has became the first African American to become the president of the USA, you make think that Martin Luther King Jr was an inspiration..from the grave!

I liked how Barack Obama created his power, through all his hard work..from when he started school until he became the first African American president of the USA, when he was born he wasn't born into a socialite family, his parents weren't wealthy and it was done with hard work. But I must wonder, will Obama ever become greedy with power and turn into a greedy leader who will only use his power for own good, personally I think it will happen because if he would to become greedy, he would either get kicked or even assassinated, he won't be the first American president to be assassainated. I don't think it will happen because he has worked so hard to be the first African American president of the USA and he wouldn't throw it away by being greedy.

Would i like Barack Obama's power? No, I wouldn’t want his power. I like the idea of the power that he has (president of one the biggest countries in the world) but I don’t like the idea of the responsibility that comes with the amount of power he has. I don’t think that just anyone should have his power, it should be given to a man or woman who is committed to their job and they have the respect of their colleagues in their field. Having power can be a good thing, but it can be a bad thing when given to the wrong person as it can have terrible consequences to the person, or even maybe a country. Only people who can admit in making a wrong choice (which will help them in the future) should have high powered jobs, as it is apart of their character of being a leader.

It's well worth listening to Obama's inauguration speech: