Powerful People Collage
Paris Hilton

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Paris has her power and fame because of money and is a well known modern figure. You cannot open a Hollywood magazine or surf the internet without coming across the Name Paris Hilton.
Paris Hilton was born rich from her mother’s marriage with one of the Hilton Hotel heirs. Her mother, in marrying a rich businessman Richard Howard Hilton was simply applying what her own mother had repeated to her many times: “marry the rich and you will live happy!”
It is easy to conclude that Paris Hilton is an opportunist and that most of her money is made by lending her famous name to people who are doing all the hard work for her. Nevertheless, you have to admire her flare for business and her successful way of attracting money.
Paris had her mummy and daddy's money from the start which got her fame and after a while fortune of her own which in time also turned into power. She can control or manipulate any man into doing what ever she wished them to do and even some females if you know what i mean....
If I was a woman in power and was going up against Paris Hilton i wouldnt want the person i was trying to win over to be a man!

This shot i think is miscure of mid shot and close up. the mid shot emphasizes on the way she has posed herself and bluring out the background making her the focus point.
the clothing caputers the audiences atention, she provocitive and the colours they have used against her skin has made it more affective, it matches her makeup and her skin colour making it stand out more. the photo shop has been perfected, her head is larger her skin is more tan her bidy is "shinning" and there is absolutky no celuite.
the mid shot is similar to the close up, its again emphasizing specific areas of her body, it also makes the contrasting of the lights change. the forground lighter making her body stand out and be the focus of the image.


Albert Einstein
external image 225px-Einstein1921_by_F_Schmutzer_4.jpg

After World War II, Einstein was a leading figure in the World Government Movement, he was offered the Presidency of the State of Israel, which he declined, and he collaborated with Dr. Chaim Weizmann in establishing the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Einstein always appeared to have a clear view of the problems of physics and the determination to solve them. He had a strategy of his own and was able to visualize the main stages on the way to his goal.Albert Einstein received honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy from many European and American universities.He gained numerous awards in recognition of his work, including the Copley Medal of the Royal Society of London in 1925, and the Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute in 1935.Albert Einstein is world wide recognised scients for his expanded knowladge in physics.

This photo is from his sholders up, a close up. the black and white emphisizes on how smart he is, the background has be half blured out you can still faintly see the out lines of equations on the blackboard behind him. also the clothing he is wearing looks profesional and because of the dark colours mixed with the white under shirt used it makes him look even smarter plus the tie. the lighting on his face has made a shadow on the left side of his face, his face has been slightly turned so that the light brings out his features and makes him look intelligent.
even though hes not one of the most atractive man in the world just by looking at him any person would be able to see hes also not a dumb man either.

Powerful conversations:
Phil Harkins

Key Features

In Powerful Conversations, experienced coaches and leaders will:
  • Practice advanced skills. Bring all you know and be prepared to stretch.
  • Engage in active experimentation using real-life issues. You will then get immediate feedback and expert mentoring to coach more effectively.
  • Use a 40-page toolkit that is taught and applied “just-in-time”, so that theory is immediately translated into practice (see [[@../documents/PowerfulConversationsToolkitPreviewV10-08.pdf|preview here]].)
  • Receive expert role modeling and mentoring by Steve Levin, MCC (master certified coach.)


Powerful Conversations is a five-month program with 10 or fewer participants per group (to ensure lots of individual focus.) The basic structure is:
  • Program launch A two-hour orientation session introduces our method and tools and prepares you for the rigorous work ahead.
  • Eight conference calls with all participants (2 hours each, twice per month for 5 months.)
    • The first 90 minutes of each call begins with learning a major strategy or tool from an extensive Powerful Conversations toolkit.
    • Then we engage in coaching a live issue brought by a participant. As the coaching unfolds, we pause to discuss progress: What's powerful already? What's missing? How can we enrich this conversation to increase the impact and provide much greater value?
    • If appropriate, we turn to our 40-page resource guide and learn a “just right” skill. Then we experiment with making the coaching more powerful, more immediate, and more real.
  • Regular phone meetings with a Learning Partner The last 30 minutes of each call is an opportunity to give and get support from a Learning Partner in a 1-1 conversation.
  • A coach mentoring session for each participant by Steve Levin This private, one-hour phone session is an ideal opportunity to explore your personal challenges and opportunities for more powerful conversations.

What Makes a Conversation Powerful?

A Powerful Conversation disrupts the flow of habitual thinking. It sounds the alarm,
“Wake up!” to generate fresh insight and open new possibilities for action.
[[image:../images/pc1.gif width="463" height="300" align="center" caption="a"]]

  • Confront others with support to interrupt old patterns.
  • Improve accountability to deliver on commitments.
  • Increase flexibility of thinking, even if they resist change.
  • Think strategically while operating practically .
  • Shift attitudes from victim to owner.
  • Take initiative and move out of complacency.
  • Address tough dilemmas and competing commitments.
  • Build trust in the face of divisive circumstances.
  • Increase standards of performance.
  • Set real priorities despite overwhelming demands.
  • Generate support from skeptics and critics.
  • Strengthen vision and enrolls others to follow.
  • Listen deeply to get what others really care about.
  • Influence moods to generate hope and ambition.
  • Strengthen leadership presence for greater credibility