Is'nt it interesting that what Dr. King said more than 30 years ago can still hold truth in 2009 and that these things are still occuring all over the world. With nothing being done. What will it take to stop these acts of brutalerty occuring? How meny more people (just like Martin Luther King) will it take to tell us that it's time for change and that we as a whole world need to change. To open our minds and our hearts. Thats my question and dream that I proble want get to see, if nothing is started now. ("The smallest light can still be seen in the darkness.") Just food for thought as you read through this report. Enjoy! :D

What power he had?

Martin had polical power in the respect that he was a clergyman, and the leader of the civil rights movement. He demerstraighted this in 1955 with the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and in 1957 where he helped found the Southern Chirtain Leadership Conference. Other then the polical power that he held within the communety, he had no other polical power and he was not well respected by some people once they heard of his views and oppiunes.

Martin was well respected within the community as he had the power of speech and the power to be able to sway people to his cause with the use of language. He was able to bring about the beginning of change for not only African-Americans but for all unpreliveged Americans. This is mostly clear with speeches that he made to the public. Some of these speeches that were made are; "I have a dream" this is probably the most well-known and most heard of, "let freedom ring", "Where do we go from here?", "Loving your enemies", " Our God is marching on", and "Beyond Vietnam". One of the most impressive (?) effective (/) occations that Martin Luther King spoke was in 1963, the march on Washington. Which attrated about 25,000 spetateds

Martin was a very bright person and he attend Buther T.Washington High School. He skipped year 9 and year 12 which he instead went onto Morehouse College at the age of 15 and without formally graduating from high school. When he graduated in 1948, Martin Luther King had a Bachelor of Art in sociology and then he enrolled in Coozer Theological Seminary in Chester, in Pennsylvania. From which he graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity. He went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Because of his knowledge and his education he was well respected within the coummintty. As they say "knowledge is power."

Martin would have seen raceizem and perduce where ever he looked from an early age, if not even experienced it for himself. Having being born as an African-American people wouldn't have experted alot from him. His experience the he gather through out his life would have given him or helped him to get the power needed to help others in need. Combined with other forms of his powers King would be consider a hero or a threat depending on the way you look at things. His experience was garthed over the course of 39 years. Not along time, I know. But it was enough time for Martin to garth the experience and knowledge needed to help him on achieving his dream.

Martin Luther King didn't use physical force or violicen to archive the objective but he instead archived his goals though peaceful protest and speeches in public. It was the sheer number of the gratings that sometimes overwhelmed town's and the public. King didn't need to use voilcen to archive or show what he wanted for the people of America. Throughout his life he lead alot of demonstration and marches that swelled in large numbers that most likely frighted the logical governments and authorizes of the time.

It was Political, Social, knowledge, Experience, and Physical powerful attabruties that Martin Luther King Jr, had in order to help him set up and lead, until his death on the 4th of April 1968, the African-American Civil Rights Movement and Peace Movement. Why after everything would someone like Martin Luther King want to help a group of people? Well in truth it was time, social and enethlical for change and Martin Luther King saw and had the courage to make the change occurs. Consider being beaten up for doing nothing or being told that you could only use curtain things or being told 'you can't this' or 'you can't do that' day in and day out. Having that said to you day after day you'd want a change, to fight the rules and to make a better life for not only yourself but for your family and for future generations. What a triumph! That Dr. King was able to archive alot in his life and start the movement that would only have a snowball effect over time.

Martin Luther King Jr was an America clergyman, activest and a prominent leader of the African-American civil rights movement. Martin Luther King inspired a generation of youths, which he still manages to do, through speeches made almost 40 years ago. Some of the speeches that he made was the very well known 'I Have A Dream' speech. He lead alot of different protects against the plight of African-Americans as well as other disadvantaged Americans. Though peaceful and non-vilent protects. Such as marches around towns or like the march on Washiton and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. With all that Martin Luther King has achavied in and with his life I'd have to say that he was good and that with the everdence that Dr. King did not misuse any of the power he had. I'd also have to say that he used his knowledge, experience and his language skills to help and better thousands of lives over the years, all over the world. Today Martin is an icon for human rights and his dream has final being able to cime true with Obarmar now as persedent of the United States Of America. Now with any luck Martin Luther King's dream can fully come alive.

The longevity of Dr. King's power and what he stood for will continue to last throughout time. I think this because Dr. King is an human rights icon as well as just being one of those people will always be remembered for what he achieved, throughout time and generations. Martin helped countless of people and because of what he started his legecry will be passed along to the next group of youths. The type of power that Martin Luther King Jr had could have been used in a bad way, to disadvantage people more so it also depends on the person's character. I think the type of power he had, anyone can truly have but they just don't have the conference to speak up for some reason or another. So I'd like to aspire to have the kind of power Dr. King had because I'd love to help save people's lives. There's a saying that goes, (which isn't by Martin Luther King Jr.)
"Give a man a fish and he'll have a meal, but teach a man to fish and he'll for the rest of his life."
I don't know who wrote it but it's decently true.