This YouTube video is called "How to Avoid Meetings that Suck"

Task: Students will assume the values, attitudes and motives of a powerful person of their choice and participate in a formal meeting to discuss agenda as listed below. Meeting participants will be assessed on

· their understanding and knowledge of their chosen character
· their demonstrated understanding of agreed meeting rules
· their participation in discussion of agenda, especially where this participation indicates active litening, an ability to build on ideas and a willingness to to engage with the task
Prepare for the meeting by:
  1. Reading through the pages of this wiki to familiarise yourself with all the characters
  2. Preparing a short introductory statement for your character
  3. Planning an argument for at least one of the agenda items
  4. Planning a formal motion for one of the agenda items
Power in Society Conference
22 - 25 September 2009
Room 17


1. Apologies

2. Election of Chair and Minutes Secretaries (different each day)

3. Scientists, teachers and other intellectuals make a more important contribution to society than sports stars and media celebrities and deserve to be paid at least as much as them.

4. Political leaders are corrupted by the process of gaining leadership. No political leader should stay in power for more than a year.

5. Beauty and physical strength are no more deserving of public attention than kindness and charity.

6. Everyone in the world should practise the same religion.