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Osama bin Laden is one of the most feared men on this planet due to his millitary power. He leads a group of terroists called Al Quieda who terrorise the middle eastern countries and were responsible for the september 11 bombings in America causing America to go on an all out war against Osama bin Laden and Al Queida.

As a young child Osama has been brought up to have everything he wanted. His father Muhammad Awad bin Laden was a wealthy buisness men with close ties to the Saudi Royal Family. The bin Laden family had alot of power and could do what they wanted. Muhammad had 10 wifes and treated them badly which showed Osama that he could do the same and showed no one any respect, he manipulated people to get what he wanted when he wanted it.

He started Al Quedia in 1988 to consolidate the international network he established during the Afghan war. Its goals were the advancement of Islamic revolutions throughout the Muslim world and repelling foreign intervention in the Middle East. But Osama took Al Qeuida to new heights, he took them from helping out the middle eastern people to terroising them because he got to power greedy and wanted to rule the middle east. The middle eastern people were terrified of Osama and were in hiding from him and his men. He recruited soldiers to join his army every day, many were young children but they had no choice, if they did not join him they would be killed.

Osama's power grew and grew and with the millitary backing from Al Queida there was no one who could stop him from trying to rule the middle east. But Osama thought that if he could get away with what he was doing in the middle east that he would be able to do the same to the power house country America, but he was wrong America retaliated brutally declaring and all out war against Osama. The war that Osama started with America ended in him loosing the power he had once had.

Osama at first used his power for good to protect the millions of people in the middle east, which was very noble of him to look after his fellow countrymen, but he got to power greedy and wanted to take control of everyone. He used his millitary power to take that control and used it in such ways that turned his power from good to bad. He turned the middle eastern people from being on his side to against him. Only the people who beleived in what he was doing or were forced to join him fought against the American soldiers in the war that took all of Osama's power away.

I beleive that the way Osama bin Laden used his power was for his own personal gain, he wanted to be reconised, wanted to be someone who many feared. No one knows why Osama did the things he has done but i beleive it all started from when he was young child and his father was a great influence in they way he has become now. I would never want to have the type of power or be in the shoes of Osama bin Laden as he is a terroist and someone who i despise. I could never kill or harm another human being and would never be anything like him.