Sir Richard Branson
"Business opportunities are like buses,
there's always another one coming." - Richard Branson

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

Born: 18th July 1950, in Blackheath, London, United Kingdom
Residence: London, England, United Kigndom
Occupation: Chairman of Virgin Group
Spouse: Kristen Tomassi (1972-1979), divorced
Children: Holly Branson (1981) and Sam Branson (1984)

Political Power

In the 1980's, Sir Richard Branson was temporarily given the position of '"little Tsar" by Margaret Thatcher - in charge of "keeping Britain tidy". Later, in 1999 he was knighted for "services to entrepenuership" and presented as an icon of the millenium. When the Labour Party came into superiority, Branson was again seen as close to the government, and has frequently been suggested as a candidate for Mayor of London. Becuase Branson is a libertarian, he has not yet shown interest in this position, although the polls have suggestes he would be reasonable candidate.

Ownership Power

At the age of 16 Richard Branson already had ownership power, he published his 1st magazine called "Student". Four years later he started an audio record mail-order business, then 2 years later he opened a chain of record stores called "Virgin Records". The Virgin Brand was ever growing and in the 1980's he set up Virgin Antlantic Airways and expanded the Virgin Records. Sir Richard Branson owns over 360 companies which contribute alot to his ownership power.

Econmonic Power

According to the Forbes 2009 list of billionairs Richard Branson is the 261st richest person in thw world. An estimated five billion dollars each year is from the entire Virgin Group-including the music stores and airline. And Sir Branson is on a net-worth of 2.5billion.

Philanthropy Power

At 17 he started his first charity "Student Valley Center". In 2004 he set up a charity called Virgin Unite, a non-profit foundation of the Virgin group. This charity are helping in Africa by providing motobikes so people can get to rural areas and by building clinics for health care. Virgin Unite have also built a University dedicated to training young people in small business skills so they will become good entreperneurs for the good of the communities.The very charitble Richard Branson even organized to fly 40,000 blankets to refugees fleeing into Jordan. He single-handedly had to fight with Government ministers to make sure the supplies got to those who needed them. Richard also raised 40 million dollars by persuaded Elton John to sing at Princess Diana's funeral. He has also said that over the next 10 years he will donate 3 million dollars from Virgin Flights to the Reduction Global Warming.

How He Got and Used His Power

Richard Branson got his power on his own, he wasn't given it, he wasn't born into it, he built everything by himself. He used his power by extending his small business into a huge company. He also uses his power for charity, by giving a helping hand to people that need it.

Was His Power Used For Good or Bad

Richard Branson i believed used his power for good and good only. His companies are good and they are not used for bad things. His flight company accomodated cheaps flights and his music records company help advertise artists. Sir Branson donates alot of his own money and he uses money from his "Virgin" companies to donate money to people in need and to his company he created Virgin Unite.

His power is definatly beneficial for many people because he helps many others. He does nurmerous amount of work in Africa and wants to stop global warming.

Would I Want Richard Branson's Power?

Richard Branson has alot of power over his 360 companies. That is alot of people to boss around and he earns too much money i wouldnt know what to even begin spending on. I wouldn't want Richard Branson's power, it would be to over whelming, all though i would enjoy is private island.

Holly Gorham