The Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs

Ronald Biggs as a young man
Ronald Biggs as a young man

Ronnie Biggs was a powerful man only in the criminal and social eyes. He escaped from prison and was a fugitive for several decades. Biggs and his partners in crime pulled off one of the biggest train heist in history. They escaped with $67 million.

The Heist

The day of Ronnie Birthdays 18th, 8th of August 1963. The greatest train heist was pulled off. They never really new who came up with the idea but it worked. The south gang that Ronnie was involved with, they pulled of the heist. They planed it out for months and learnt the train times and route off by heart. The gang had inside man so they learnt which would be the best solution of the train root from Scotland to London to hijack the train (Sear Crossing). They tampered with the lights and the controller didn’t really know what to do so he stoped the train. He got hit over the head and they tied him up. Quickly drove the train to another part and loaded the cars with the money. Ronne Biggs was one of the guys who were off loading the money to the cars. They drove off.

The Power

Ronnie Biggs has clever power because he fled to Brazil and the law couldn’t catch him know matter what the British tried to do. They couldn’t get Ronnie Biggs because Britten wasn’t allies with Brazil and every time they nearly got him something would happen to the paper or something went wrong with the papers. Ronnie lived his day out in Brazil and spending the money. Ronnie was happy because he was clever enough to out smart the law. He was in Brazil showing off he can spend all that money and the British could not do anything to stop him. Ronnie has the power to do what he wanted and the law can’t stop.

My thoughts about him

The people today only knew Ronnie Biggs for being the greatest train robber ever lives also being on the run, never been court because of the influences the media gives as head line state Greatest Train Robber Ever Lived, “Ronnie Biggs finally got caught but too late” his old. This is a lot of nonsense from the media influences any one to believe anything. I thought Ronnie Biggs was a greatest train robber ever lived because media and the people told me stories that he is the smartest, talented man who pulled off the biggest train heist. It’ all rubbish! Through one thing but reshape my believes and understanding of Ronnie by doing research. I gasp to understand that he was a phoney and didn’t have the brilliants to come up with the idea or pull it off. In some eyes his powerful man but in my eyes he is a woos, laky because you should be powerful in what you are not for other peoples work it shows know guts.