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Quick Facts:
Birth Name :
Joseph Alois Ratzinger
Born: 16 April 1927 (1927-04-16) (age 82)
Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Papacy began: 19 April 2005

Leader of the worldwide Catholic Church.
Bishop of Rome.
Catholics can trust to put their faith in him.
Think about it for a second, if you were to choose the most honest leader for your country who would you choose, someone like George W. Bush who has made many promises yet kept how many of them? Or someone like Pope Benedict XVI who is loyal, caring, considerate and has one thing on his mind, helping others. It's a simple choice, his lord ship may not rule Australia but he would have enough followers to be able to if he was put up to vote for. With more than 1 billion practicing Catholics in the world, the Pope is known as the "Wicar of Christ" the main contact between heaven and earth.
His judgment is ideal.
His word is final.
His heart and mind is all for one thing,

Power of faith
Faith! There is nothing this word cannot achieve. Pope Benedict is a respectable figure. Why? Because God (the pope) spoke to the heart. He spoke of "heavenly" things in a world torn apart by sin. His way of ruling was to use his power to create a god safe, sin free catholic world were everyone has a second chance.
"Faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." Heb. 11:1
Political power
As catholicism is a major part in the world Pope Benedict is clearly a man who is respected but not just respected, his word was authouritative.
Therefore politically the government does right by him and makes sure he is happy with their decisions and they do not do anything to go agianst him and his religion as he has millions of people in the palm of his hand, and if anything happens to offend there religion or the Pope people will fight the government and there would be a massive uproar.
Social power
The power the Pope had that was the most influential, is social power or as catholics like to call it 'people power'. This is when people are united and create a bigger and better oportunity for something to grow from something small.Catholic 'people power' will be the greatest power in the world if all catholics stick together and spread the way in which they live.... by Gods word.For someone to have as much "controll" over so many people, he would have to have alot of trust from his faithful folowers.
Economic power
In 2009 the Pope intervened in global economic and political affairs with his third encyclical "Charity in Truth".The charity in truth encyclical is an ethical analysis of the global economic crisis and an essential on how to move forward as one human family. It is a charity fundraiser ment to help families economicaly.
Is the Pope good or bad?
I believe in the Popes mind everything he did was for the good, he is a figure head for the church, a spokesman for God and a true man of his word. He would "forgive everyone that is truley sorry". The popes power is in his faith and in the peoples religion, the strength of his power unites people.
In my personal opinion I believe that the Pope in all kind of ways is a good man and give catholic people a chance to believe in hope and and faith.
My personal opinions, do I want his power?
Pope Benedict was elected on the 19 April 2005 by the senior cardinal. He is a sign of God and faith for believers, he has a obligition to forgive and forget all sins that those have comitted and are truley sorry. i would not like to have the power that the Pope has as I do not believe in God and therefore i am an Atheist. I could not handle the power of being an "all mighty figure" and constantly giving the people faith about God when I do not believe in him myself, that would be hypocritical of me. I believe the stongest power that the Pope has is simply the way he forgives, it is people astounding. You could be a repeated offender of the worst crimes but as long as you confess on a regular basis and are truly sorry you can be forgiven, "your father will forgive you my child, we are all children of the same father and we all have goodness within us, some just find it harder then others to find it....." Sure people who honestly have beaten themselves up over something little like not going to church on a sunday or making their children brush their teeth before bed are fine to think they have comitted a sin. But do you truly believe that someone who has comitted such henious crimes should be aloud to go into a holy place, to hide, confess, and are still forgiven and set free back into the world to reoffend.