Tiger Woods

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Eldrick Tont
"Tiger" Woods was born December 30, 1975 in Cypress California is an American professional golfer whose achievements have ranked him as among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the World No. 1, he was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2008, Tiger Woods has earned an estimated $110 million from his winnings and endorsements.

Woods has won fourteen professional major golf championships, which has made him the second highest of any male golf player. Tiger Woods has one 68 PGA Tour events, third all time. He has more career major wins and career PGA Tour wins than any other active golfer. Even though Woods is one of the youngest golfers to play he has achieve the career Grand Slam, and also the youngest and fastest to win 50 tournaments on tour.

Tiger Woods has got his power from mostly gofling and his sponsers. Woods first started to play golf at the age of two years old, he was pretty much born with this ability to play golf with such skill and talent. He shows power during golfing tournaments in the experience of his play. You can see this by how smooth and controled his is when he is playing golf. Woods also uses other types of power like social you see this when he does advertisments about "gillette 3" and his other sponsers. I think that when Tiger Woods is sceen on TV promoting a product this gives both Woods and his spronser more power because it shows that Woods has confidence in himself to promote products. I also think that the product would sell beter becasue it has a famous golf player promoting the band and more people would buy it because Tiger Woods is sceen with the brand and when Woods speaks people listen. Woods is also seen when you see him talk to the press and media about his golfing experiences this is a type of power he uses which is social. When he is speaking to the press about his golfing experiences he talks with such power and confidence which grabs people attention becasue he is so calm infont of all the cameras.

Tiger Woods uses both his sides of power, good and evil which is seen when he plays golf. When you see him playing golf he is playing by himself and for himself which could be seen as evil. Woods can also use good power when he competes in charity events to raise money for others in need. He can also uses good power when he is advertising his sponsers on TV by promoting there brand.

Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer who has taking his skill to the next level by becoming more constistant in wining more tournaments. I think that it would be great to have even some of the powers that Tiger Woods has because i believe that it would be great to be able to be as good as golfer that tiger woods is. I would also love to be able to talk to the media as well as he does, that shows that he feels very comfortable infront of the camera. I also think that Its a big advantage to find a job that you enjoy and get paied well for doing something you love. I think Tiger Woods is a great golfer and person and some of the achivements he has are unbeliveable. The way Tiger Woods handles himself is amazing he is such a good role model and idol for many young athletes and other people who are involved and interested in the sport.