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A pharaoh who claimed royalty at the age of nine and reigned for approximately ten years. Tutankahamun’s tomb was found in the Valley of the Kings, when found it was not known as to whose son he was or why he became so powerful as such a young age. How did Tutankahamun get to become so powerful? Was it the way he dressed? Was it the way he spoke? Was it the way he treated others around him? Or was it simply the way he presented himself in whole, the way the people looked at him as a leader and someone to respect. Perhaps! Or maybe it was a combination between them all. Its easy to see that even my own generation knew who Tutankahamun was and that he was a Pharaoh, and even though they may not know what he done or how his power made a difference, because of his name being thrown around for all these years his memorie will live on.

We didn't know much of King Tut's powers or what control he had over the armies, the slaves, servants and other members of the royal family. The most recent findings on the death of King Tut (Tutankahamun’s) seem to conclusively indicate that he died of natural causes, rather than being murdered. Specifically, the latest report is that he died of gangrene caused by a broken leg. There was more than a little reason to believeThere was more than a little reason to believe that King Tut may have been murdered. The two principal suspects, Aye who succeeded him as king, and GeneralHoremhab who in turn succeeded Aye to the throne, both appear to have been powerful men who, in effect, ruled Egypt while King Tut was a child.

When King Tut's tomb was found, very little information was found along with him or the tomb. They do know that he was not as important as many of the other Pharaohs at his time. At the time of the discovery of King Tut they were very pleased because his tomb had been untouched by tomb raiders therefore they got to get more information on how they would mummify their Kings and more about there life style. Unlike some powerful people King Tut was born with his power although he did not claim it till he was nine years of age his title was inevitable.