conflict between a teacher and a principal
David: Hi.
Claire: How’s it going?
David: Yeah alright but I have got something to ask you.
Claire: Yeah sure what is it?
David: I was just going over the sports account and I found that there was some money missing, it was about $1500.
Claire: Really I didn’t know that.
David: Are you sure about that because everything has to go through you.
Claire: Well everyone makes mistakes; I could go through the records again.
David: You want to make sure that you double check the records; I have students that are missing out on volley ball lessons which we need for our big tournament.
David: Wait a minute when did you get that laptop I never received one.
Claire: It was a birthday present that I got last week.
David: I thought your birthday is in 2 months time.
Claire: Stupid me what was I thinking.
David: How much did that laptop cost, like $1500?
Claire: Why would you think that, I have been saving for a new laptop for a while now?
David: So your saying that around the time the $1500 went missing you decided to buy a new laptop, that’s a bit of a coincidence isn’t it?
David: I’m pretty sure I know were that money went you spent it on your laptop didn’t you, don’t try and fool me I know what you did.
Claire: How can you prove this there is no clear evidence?
David: Oh yes there is check the records.
Claire: What records are you talking about; sometimes they just disappear and get lost.
David: No. Why are you doing this to your own school, I don’t understand your actions to rob children from there physical activity.
Claire: I do what I want to as I please.
David: If you don’t give me the money that I need for the volley ball lessons I will report you to the education department and we’ll see who’s laughing then. Did you really think you would get away with this and no one would notice?
Claire: I’m the principal of this school and have been for many years, you are just a person who’s just been fully qualified to become a teacher. Who do you think they are going to believe me or you I have been a principal for 30 years and I’m a well respected member in the education community and if you tell your job will be on the line.
David: Don’t think I will forget this I will catch you one day be prepared.
Claire: I have had enough leave my office please.